Citywide Parking Enforcement is changing the way Commercial and Multifamily managers enforce parking rules and regulations. We focus on positively impacting your business, customers, tenants, employees and visitors by introducing more affective and proactive strategies and solutions.


Unlike traditional towing companies that work primarily in a reactive mode, Citywide Parking Enforcement leverages it's proprietary technologies to provide a more proactive approach to parking management and enforcement. 


Contact a representative today to discuss how we can improve your current parking situation by eliminating the problems that you experience.

 Free Parking Lot Study


Take advantage of our FREE parking study to gain valuable insights to current parking conditions. Discover which type violations are taking place, how often and by whom. 

Vehicle Immobilization


Vehicle immobilization is an excellent alternative to towing. Much more cost sensitive, while saving all parties a significant amount of time and headaches. And, using our self service release immobilization device, drivers can be on their way in minutes.

Parking Violations


It is sometimes desired to start any new parking enforcement program by utilizing citations. This provides individuals violating parking rules with the opportunity to adjust to new enforcement program.


Unfortunately not all violations can be treated the same. In the event a vehicle needs to be removed from the property, Citywide Parking Enforcement maintains a fleet of tow vehicles ready to address any situation.

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