Spend more time with your business.

We'll take care of the parking.

Parking enforcement for Commercial and Multifamily businesses


Unauthorized parking not only creates an inconvenience for your customers, but can significantly impact your business's bottom line. 

Let Citywide Parking Enforcement manage your parking so that you and your employees can focus on the business. Utilizing our full suite of parking enforcement options, surveillance, electronic citations, vehicle immobilization devices and towing services, we can help deploy the necessary remedies to keep your business operating at it's maximum capacity.



If your Multifamily property is facing parking challenges, be assured you're not alone. Parking has become a hot topic for Multifamily owners and operators. 

Citywide offers something new and improved over traditional towing services. Leveraging our parking permit technology, electronic citations, self-releasing vehicle immobilization devices and towing services, we put your tenants in charge of their parking while providing the right level of consequences necessary to enforce established rules. This results in fewer visits to the office for parking issues.

Modern Technolgies

While many businesses already contract with a towing company to enforce parking satisfaction, these services are most likely inefficient. This is due to an unknown truth to individuals outside towing industry.  Towing companies sign up thousands of accounts for which they do not have the means to monitor or enforce. They're simply playing a numbers game with your parking problems.


Leveraging our proprietary technologies and self releasing immobilization devices, Citywide Parking Enforcement is changing the way parking enforcement is done.


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